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Venatur - 48 Capsules
Venatur - 48 Capsules
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Price: $15.95
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Model: 8410914370038
Manufacturer: El Naturalista
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  • Product based on traditional plants that help to maintain good circulation.

  • The pharmacological action of red grape arises due to its anthocyanin and tannin content, with the former being responsible the vitamin P activity, thus meaning that it can be used for heart conditions. Its mechanism of action appears to involve the inhibition of adrenaline oxidation, thereby prolonging the activity of this hormone.

  • European goldenrod possesses diuretic and astringent properties.

  • Marshmallow contains high quantities of mucilage which acts as a sedative for inflammations

  • The chemical composition of butcher's-broom includes saponosides and vitamin P, which are mainly responsible for its vasoconstrictive and anti-inflammatory action on veins and arteries, thus explaining its uses in circulatory disorders.

  • Witch-hazel leaf is a venous vasoconstrictor and exhibits some vitamin P-type activity, thus meaning that it can help to restore the balance between venous and arterial circulation.

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