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Chitosan - 60 Capsules
Chitosan - 60 Capsules
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Price: $22.95
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Model: 30518
Manufacturer: El Naturalista
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  • Weight control diets

  • Absorbing grease
  • Chitosan is an aminopolysaccharide derived from chitin. Chitin is found in the shells of crustaceans (crabs, lobsters, shrimps), from which it is extracted and purified to subsequently obtain chitosan.

  • Chitosan is formed from long chains of aminopolysaccharides with a high degree of deacetylation and its chemical structure therefore has a positive electrical charge.

  • Chitosan fibres bind electrostatically to molecules with a negative charge found in fats to form polymers that cannot be attacked by gastric juices, thus meaning that they are directly eliminated in the faeces.

  • The presence of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) almost doubles the activity of chitosan.

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