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BergaFEMME - Citrus Bergamot 500mg (47%) - NATURAL MENOPAUSE AND CARDIO HEALTH
BergaFEMME - Citrus Bergamot 500mg (47%) - NATURAL MENOPAUSE AND CARDIO HEALTH
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Price: $59.95
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Model: 935566
Manufacturer: BergaMet
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BergaFEMME is not only a powerful natural female enhancement supplement, it is also a cardio supplement which includes the same ingredients in BergaMet Mega+O, the most powerful citrus bergamot nutritional supplement on the market containing more than 40% Citrus Bergamot Extract.


BergaFEMME is made from citrus bergamot grown in the Calabrian region of Italy. This area yields the most potent citrus bergamot fruit in the world. BergaMet is the ONLY bergamot polyphenol OFFICIALLY APPROVED by the prestigious Accademia del Bergamotto because it has been extensively tested. BergaMet – A product that promotes lower cholesterol, healthy blood sugar levels, healthy weight loss, healthier blood vessels, lower blood pressure, better sexual function in both men and women, and it addresses ALL the components of pre-diabetes, the “epidemic of the 21st century” BergaMet is absolutely loaded with powerful natural anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory nutrients and “citrus polyphenols”, some of which are UNIQUE to the bergamot fruit. REACTIONS MAY VARY WHEN TAKING BERGAMET FROM INDIVIDUAL TO INDIVIDUAL. IF THIS IS THE CASE, DISCONTINUE USE.

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