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HeadAid Daily - Mixed Berry
HeadAid Daily - Mixed Berry
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Price: $39.99
Availability: In Stock
Model: AB0000
Manufacturer: HeadAid
Average Rating: Not Rated

Daily Preventative - Mixed Berry. Designed to be used daily to reduce intensity and frequency of your migraine.Each box of HeadAid Daily Preventative Includes 30 servings. 30-0.24oz (6.77g) Packets NET WT 7.16oz (203g) DIRECTIONS: Take 1-2 Sticks at night, mix with 8-12 oz cold water. Made with high quality ingredients clinically proven to reduce the intensity, duration, and frequency of migraines and headaches before they start. First product of its kind to not only target pain from migraines but also the associated symptoms of nausea, sleep troubles, and cognitive fatigue. First compounded natural, nutraceutical product to base the daily preventative product on melatonin rather than butterbur and feverfew. First and Only compounded natural, nutraceutical product targeted at migraine to run a clinical trial migraine to run a clinical trial specifically on a single branded product. Safe and All Natural, No Side Effects, Proven Results, Doctor Recommended. Magnesium - Provides a means to decrease abnormal firing in migraine. Magnesium stabilizes blood vessels, and has shown to reduce migraine frequency and intensity, reduces photophobia (light) and phonophobia (sound) sensitivity, reduces aura, and other symptoms related to migraines such as nausea. COQ10 - Is necessary for stabilization of mitochondria. It is through this action that it is thought to reduce migraine frequency and intensity. Melatonin - a common sleep aid appears to not only have not only sleep promoting properties but also anti-inflammatory properties given it similar structure to indomethacin, but without the side effects! This provides two ways through which it help migraineurs, and explains the benefit seen in case reports and studies. Interestingly, migraineurs may be deficient in melatonin. NO MORE PILLS! In it's unique and easy to use stick pack reach for HeadAid at the first signs of your symptoms. Its fizzy effervescents also helps to reduce nausea.

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