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Aronia+ Immune Support
Aronia+ Immune Support
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Price: $59.99
Availability: In Stock
Model: URSA-01
Manufacturer: URSA PHARM
Average Rating: Not Rated

  • Double-protect-formula
  • High-additive antioxidative and anti-inflammatory effect
  • Made in Germany
  • Highest quality of raw materials
  • Natural and convenient dosage form (ready-to-drink ampule)

During stress, caused for instance by an unhealthy lifestyle or environmental influences, our immune system is exposed to an increased production of free radicals. Usually, in the event of stress, the human body has mechanisms that return the number of free radicals to a normal level. Antioxidants available through the diet support these mechanisms. However, if the concentration of free radicals is permanently increased, the body needs additional antioxidants to maintain the equilibrium. Ideally, these are obtained through a natural and balanced diet, which is also high in secondary plant substances (natural antioxidants). Due to the double-protect-formula containing zinc and selenium aronia+ can further assist the body. Generally, the regular intake of fruit and vegetables are regarded as beneficial for physical and mental health. By virtue of their ability to neutralize free radicals, certain secondary plant substances are described as natural antioxidants. These are also present in the aronia berry. in addition to the juice of the aronia berry aronia+ contains the minerals zinc and selenium. This unique double-protect-formula supports with zinc and selenium the normal function of the immune system.

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