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Recovery / Detox - All Natural and Organic Chinese Herbs Dietary Supplement
 Recovery / Detox - All Natural and Organic Chinese Herbs Dietary Supplement
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Model: ZEN-05
Manufacturer: Zen Blend Herbs
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Relief of Early Detox Symptoms. Reduces cravings.
Increases mental alertness. Improves digestion.
Main active ingredients: Ge Gen (Japanese Arrowroot), Feng Hua Fen (Bee Pollen) & Shi Chang Pu (Acorus Root)
Ge Gen has a compound called daidzin and acts like the anti-drinking medication Antabuse. Daidzin interferes with the metabolization of alcohol and causes the well known flushing and sick feeling associated with Antabuse. It has been used in Chinese medicine to reduce cravings and neck, which is a common issue experience by people in early recovery. Feng Hua Fen has a long history with having rejuvenating power. It is used to benefit the immune system, increase mental alertness, improve digestion and appetite and as an energy supplement to counter weakness and fatigue. Shi Chang Pu is known for its aromatic properties and its detoxicating and pathogen-expelling ability. It has sedative and anticonvulsant effects and assists in joint pain. ZEN BLEND HERBS is all natural; organic; caffeine free; dairy free; soy free; gluten free; GMO free; and contain no artificial dyes or flavors.
ZEN BLEND HERBS have the right blend of active ingredients that help make us stronger, faster, more balanced and energetic so we can get the very most out of our bodies.
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