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Prostate Regeneration Elixir
Prostate Regeneration Elixir
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Price: $49.99
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Model: BSN_999
Manufacturer: Enerrevolution
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Prostate Regeneration is a frequency enhanced water that transmits a set of energetic vibrational frequency instructions telling your body to take certain actions to reduce the size of a swollen prostate.
It works in a unique way to deal with the actual underlying issues that cause BPH  and prostate swelling. Most prostate supplements don't work well because they focus on reducing DHT levels. However research has shown that it is estrogen that is a primary culprit in causing the development of a swollen prostate.
Supplements that reduce DHT do exactly the wrong thing because DHT actually helps to reduce estrogen levels. In some countries, shots of DHT are given to reduce a swollen prostate.
The energies in Prostate Regeneration tell your body to produce high optimal levels of DHT and reduce excess estrogen to low normal levels. Most importantly, they tell your body to balance levels of DHT and 4-androstenedione to a 1:1 ratio as this will work to reduce the size of a swollen prostate. An out of balance ratio contributes to the development of BPH.
 In addition the energies help deal with secondary issues leading to a swollen prostate by helping the body better fight infections, and reducing inflammation in the prostate.
Prostate Regeneration does more that just improve prostate function. Its instructions optimize the immune system and the functioning of all glands in the body. Bladder function and urine flow are improved.
There energies have been found to be highly effective at helping approximately 3 out of every 4 users greatly improve their swollen prostate symptoms.
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