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Feeling Good Elixir
Feeling Good Elixir
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Price: $49.99
Availability: In Stock
Model: BSN_777
Manufacturer: Enerrevolution
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 The Feeling Good Elixir  is a vibrationally enhanced water that transmits the subtle energetic frequencies of sets of instructions to your body. These instructions tell your body to reduce to low optimal levels all stress producing hormones, and to increase to high optimal levels all the feel good hormones. Fundamentally, it tells your body to chill out, and to feel good.
In addition to feeling good, this reduction of stress enables your immune system to work much better. The increase of endorphins Feeling Good causes also enables the brain to do a better job of controlling the immune system. This also improves immune system performance.
Feeling Good tells your body to increase to high optimal levels, endorphins, serotonin and oxytocin, your feel good hormones. This helps create feelings of  love, connection, trust, wellbeing and happiness.  Especially as elevated stress hormones are being reduced at the same time.
In addition, flow of energy to and from the heart is enhanced. Self awareness may improve because instructions optimize the function of the area of the brain called the claustrum. The better it works, as over-stimulation is reduced,  the more self-awareness improves.
Use Feeling Good Elixir to reduce anxiety, stress, fear, lack of trust and empathy. It may increase feelings of wellbeing, happiness, love, connection, trust and empathy. Your immune system performance may improve too.
Ingredients: The base of Feeling Good is: purified spring water, organic orange and rosemary essential oils. 
The oils help the vibrational frequencies encoded in the water work more effectively. The technology used to make Feeling Good Elixir creates a stable concentrated energy that transfers instructions to your body.
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